Saturday, July 13, 2013

REVIEW: Etude House Mini Brow Class - 3rd Class: Drawing Guide

As a beginner in makeup world, I often feel really hard to draw and even decide the right shape of my brows... but thank God I recently found that Etude House has released their newest brow products, Mini Brow Class.
Etude House Mini Brow Class comes in 3 classes: The Shaping Guide, Cutting Scissors and Drawing Guide. Because I'm still afraid to plucking my brows so I only bought the 3rd Class: Drawing Guide.

Etude House Mini Brow Class - 3rd Class: Drawing Guide : Taken from EH site (edited by me)

These three brow drawing stencils allow you to achieve three different looks with looks with three different brow shapes that easily help you find your ideal frame.

1. Comb eye brow and select the desired drawing guide.
2. Set the hallow part of the nose to the dotted line straight and fix to the heart shape with the thumb and index finger.
3. Draw from the front brow to the middle of brow and draw the rest after the end brow.
4. Repeat the steps for the rest of your eye brow.


It looks like a book, seems so cute and well-designed. The stencils are made from some kind of soft plastic, maybe? So sorry I don't know the actual material, but it feels like a let's call it rubbery plastic... :p

Etude House Mini Brow Class - 3rd Class: Drawing Guide
Etude House Mini Brow Class - 3rd Class: Drawing Guide : Stencils
It consists of three different stencils... that's nice! So there's something for everyone. As we know, our brows frame our whole face, so different brow shapes would make different looks. Try to find the right shape that compliment our face ^^


It's so easy to use! I do not have to waste a lot of time just to achieve a neat and perfectly looking brows. This product is such a holy grail for me, because as a mentioned before, I do not know how to do my brows...

affordable, around IDR 30.000 (approx USD3) each
cute design
easy to use
there are three different shapes to choose depend on what kind of look you want to achieve

flimsy, so you must press it against your brows to prevent any messiness


PS. If this stencil started to be covered by strokes from brow pencil or powder, clean it! Hygiene is always become the biggest issue for our makeup tools.

How about you? Have you tried this kind of product? 
If you have, what brand is it? Tell me about your opinion :)

Happy July 13th!

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