Saturday, July 6, 2013

REVIEW: Beauty Treats Indonesia June Box (Gold Edition)

Hello hello!
Today I wanna share about Beauty Treats Indonesia June Box (Gold Edition) that I recently got. 
First thing first, this month box comes really late! I even emailed them about the late shipment, I was afraid whether I received my box or not, but unfortunately they did not reply my email, at all. Sigh, poor customer service is such a turn off for me...
Now lets take a look to this beauty box.

First Impression...

Well, it's a little bit.....boring. Sorry to say, but the white cardboard box looked cheap. But the idea of gold ribbon is sure a nice touch.
Beauty Treats Indonesia June Box (Gold Edition) : Front

When I opened the box...

Beauty Treats Indonesia June Box (Gold Edition) : Insides
Beauty Treats Indonesia June Box (Gold Edition) : Products I got

There are the products I got:
5. WARDAH Eyeshadow N (real size)

5 products, 4 real size and 1 sample. Speechless...........................

So... is this beauty box really worth the price?

I made some counting whether this box is worth IDR 95.000 price or not, just for fun ^^
Beauty Treats Indonesia June Box (Gold Edition) : Price Counting
As you can see from table above, this beauty box is (still) worth the price. With only IDR 95.000 you'd get products worth more than IDR 120.000.

My overall opinion...

Well, it consists of 4 full size products and 1 sample size, but how could it be so empty...? Compared to  their previous boxes, it's really really disappointing. And thanks to the late shipping, to me this box become a July, not June box.
Full size makeup tools sure are nice for a beginner like me. How about the mask? I've tried Lioele Red Ginseng mask before. And the eye shadow... oh well, I'm not a fan of Wardah' products. I know from the catalog, there are two options from Wardah : eye shadow or blush. Again, if I could choose, I prefer blush than eye shadow, but with this eye shadow I think I'll give a chance to this brand.
I've been subscribed to BTI since the first box and I am a quite loyal customer, so I hope they can be better than this, or at least get back to their old self... ^^

4 full size products
worth the price

late shipping! please work on this BTI
poor customer service, boo!
not-so-nice products' selection

2/5 POOR

How about you? Have you received your box? What do you get inside your box?
Or if you're new about Beauty Treats and want to receive your own box, subscribe here and be surprised!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Iya emang banyk yang kecewa bulan juni.. Termasuk saya.. Dan kapok gak mau subcribe lagi..

    1. iya bener banget.. sayangnya saya udah terlanjur subs sampe bulan depan. tapi katanya agustus besok mereka bakal vakum dulu sebulan..jadi nggak tau ini gimana nasib yg udah terlanjur subs box agustus, hiks.. *kok malah jadi curcol >.<"


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