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REVIEW: Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box (Gold Edition)

Hello belles!
Today I'm gonna share my Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box, Gold Edition.
Actually I'm kinda disappointed with their last month box, but I already subscribed them until next month (sigh) And now I just heard that they'll take a break next month, what??? Then how the hell is my August box that I already subscribed? If you read my post about their June box, you probably know that my email to them wasn't replied yet (and I of course wrote the email as nice as possible, used polite words etc etc), so it's kinda traumatic for me to send them emails again, asking about my August box.

Hari ini aku akan coba sharing my newest box from Beauty Treats Indonesia. 
Sebenernya sih sempet kecewa sama isi box bulan lalu, tapi karena udah terlanjur subscribe sampe bulan depan yah...apa boleh buat. Tapi yang bikin aku kaget, tiba-tiba si BTI bilang kalo bulan depan mereka bakal off sebulan buat nyiapin September box, yang katanya bakal punya konsep baru. Lah terus nasib August box yang udah terlanjur saya bayar gimana dong? Mau ngirim email nanyain tentang hal itu tapi kok semacem trauma gitu ya, karena seperti yang udah aku sebutin di post about my BTI June, aku pernah ngirim email ke mereka tapi belum dibales sampe sekarang :(

Okay, lets moving on to the box.
Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box (Gold Edition)


This month's box is in teal, and because this is the gold edition, it wrapped by gold ribbon (the platinum one gets silver ribbon, jfyi). It's smaller than previous boxes (yes, I did compare them :p)
Pertama kali buka kardusnya lumayan excited soalnya box-nya warna teal. Bagus sih ya, cocok juga sama pita goldnya, hihi. Tapi kalo aku perhatiin ukuran box bulan ini lebih kecil dibandingin box bulan-bulan lalu. Penghematan?

Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box (Gold Edition)
Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box (Gold Edition)


This July box consists of 5 products, 4 in real size and 1 test kit (there are 3 bb cream samples inside the test kit). Unlike previous boxes, there's no vouchers this time.
Di dalemnya ada 5 produk, 4 real size dan 1 test kit. Di dalem test kitnya sendiri ada 3 sachet Caring Colors BB cream. Nggak seperti box sebelumnya, di box ini nggak ada vouchernya....atau cuma di box ku aja ya?

Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box (Gold Edition)
Products I got:
1. SHOBI Eyebrow Pencil (real size)
2. MAYBELLINE Moisture Extreme Color Sensational Lipstick in Windsor Rose  (real size)
3. BATH & BODY WORKS Hand Sanitizer Pocketbac in Sugar Lemon Fizz (real size)
4. NIVEA UV Extra Whitening Serum (real size)


I made some price counting to show whether this box is really worth the price or not, just for fun^^
Aku iseng-iseng bikin itungan harga apakah box ini bener-bener worth the price.

Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box (Gold Edition)
 And as you can see, this box contents has exceeded the amount paid.
July box ini masih terhitung worth the price yah.


Honestly I do not like the eyebrow pencil, but I decided to give it a try. Maybe someday I'll use it. And I've been eyeing Bath & Body Works' pocketbac for such a long time (I only own their shower gel, body lotion and fragrance mist before) and I love the sweet and fresh lemon scent!
The Nivea serum is an ok for me since it's an easy to find product. The quality is good though, but I could just go to any drugstore near my house to get it. And for the bb creams, I gave them to my mom because I know that she loves Caring Colours.
Then the worst part is the Maybelline' lipstick. The color sure is nice, but when I read the manufacturing date, can you believe it's manufactured on 2011? Oh my, please BTI, wth are you thinking giving a-two-years-ago product to your subscribers? That's so disappointing :(
Well overall, this box is kinda hit and miss for me, but I prefer this box to last month's box because I think some of the products are more useful for me. But....the two-years-ago lipstick is totally a miss...!

Jujur aku nggak telalu suka sama pensil alisnya karena harus diraut, tapi mungkin someday bisa saja aku pake jadi kusimpan saja deh. Nah, yang aku suka banget adalah pocketbac dari BBWnya, karena dari dulu aku udah pengen banget nyobain ini. Selama ini aku cuma pernah pake shower gel, body lotion dan fragrance mist nya mereka. Wangi pocketbac ini juga aku suka, lemon seger-seger manis gitu, hihi.
Terus soal Niveanya, well, ini sih gampang banget dicari, di minimarket deket rumah pun ada :p
Kalo BB cream nya langsung aku kasih ke mamaku, karena aku tau beliau suka banget sama Caring Colours.
Nah yang palin ngecewain dari box bulan ini adalah...lipstik ma, beliin Maybelline nya! Warnanya bagus sih, tapi setelah aku baca-baca labelnya (aku emang suka banget baca, label kemasan dan brosur pun abis aku baca hahaha >.<) ternyata tanggal produksinya itu tahun 2011! Ya ampun seriusan nih BTI ngasih kita-kita lipstik keluaran 2 tahun lalu? *yaoming meme*
Overall, July box ini agak hit and miss ya buat aku. Di satu sisi aku lebih suka box bulan ini daripada box bulan lalu, tapiiii lipstik taun 2011 nya itu banget deh pokoknya.

+ (Still) worth the price
+ Some of the products are useful enough

- Late shipping (again..)
- A 2011 lipstick!!!!

3/5 ACCEPTABLE, except for the lipstick of course

How about you? Have you received your box? What do you get inside your box?
Or if you're new about Beauty Treats and want to receive your own box, subscribe here and be surprised!

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  1. The box is lovely, and as you say, some of the products are useful enough, specially the bath & body works and the nivea serum ;)
    Great review! I'd love if you checked out my blog, and if you like it, can we follow each other? I promise I’ll follow you back <3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

    1. yes^^ thank you for visiting my blog :)
      of course I love your blog! I'm following you via GFC now
      nice to meet you Maria <3

    2. Glad to meet you too :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and for following! I'm following you back now on ”GFC”
      Unfortunately you haven't "Google+" or “bloglovin”, but if you decide to add one of them or both on your blog, please let me know, and we can follow each other there as well, it's an easier way to keep in touch<3
      Hope you have a fabulous week<3


      "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  2. seems like a great box! In Canada our boxes don't have as much variety :(

    1. hi Steph!
      yes it's nice enough^^
      oh too bad...hope there'll be much more variety of boxes soon^^

      thanks for visiting and following my blog,
      your blog is lovely, I'm following you via GFC now :)
      nice to meet you^^

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about their Customer service - the box itself is very neat thought (except for the 2011 lipstick!:-(


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