Friday, October 11, 2013

Fashion Friday: Marchesa Fall 2013

"Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig's work is always stunning from a technical standpoint and this season, while no different, couldn't help but feel a bit stale. Inspired by 17th century equestrian portraits, many of the silhouettes felt redundant from seasons past. Sure there is always much to love in a princess gown or a corset style dress and, like the bandage dress, the satin and tulle layered and carefully draped ones Marchesa are known for will always have a presence on the red carpet, but Fall 2013 lacked the heart-pounding excitement one has come to expect from the design duo."  The Fashion Spot

I've always been a huge fan of Marchesa. Always. But when saw this collection... I feel slightly dissapointed. Their designs are really beautiful, as always, but in fashion industry nowadays, that grow bigger and bigger, they should not give us some repetitions again and again. We want new ideas, new creativities. 

But moreover, this collection signaled how Chapman and Craig are continuing to try something new. This "whimsical" label has become something a bit more, well, realistic.... (maybe) that's a good thing.
The dresses felt more reined in; they exhibited a higher-tailoring sense and their proportions are more in line with the parameters of life off the red carpet.

Wish they could back with their usual designs that always stunned us.....with excitement.

image source : Marchesa



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