Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Pick: Etude House Oh m'Eye Line Review

I have small eyes and to make them popped out, wearing eyeliner will always be a part of my makeup routine. First eyeliners I have are pencils, and despite the fact that they are really easy to use, sometimes I just need more drama for my eyes....and it means that I need some liquid eyeliners. Afraid of getting difficulties using them, I decided to try cheaper liquid eyeliners. After doing some research, I bought one of Etude House's cheapest eyeliners: Oh m'Eye Line in black.

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Product Description. Oh m'Eye Line is a liquid Eye Liner that provides sexy eye lines! Designed to be long lasting and smudge-resistant. Distinct matte finish with subtle pearl highlights for refined eyes. Available in 3 colors: Black, Gray and Brown.

Price & Availability. This liner cost me less than USD 4 for 6ml. Available anywhere from official stores to online shops, but always (almost) sold out every time (it seems to be one of Etude's best sellers). 

Packaging. The packaging has typical Etude's feeling, cute and dolly. The cap is long enough, made this liner's so easy to grip. This eyeliner didn't come with box. It looked like a bit cheap, the quality of the bottle is so-so, and I'm afraid it will break out if  dropped off accidentally. Well, you can not expect much for such price.

Application & Quality.  The brush is fine and sharp, I found it very easy to use even for beginner like me. Stays on forever and I like that it did not smudge. When I rubbed the line, it came off like flakes, it means it will not make my eyes looks like a tired raccoon at the end of the day.

Color & Pigmentation. The color is not the blackest black on earth, but the consistency and pigmentation are nice. Dries not too fast nor too slow, it has matte finish with almost no shimmer.

With super affordable price and nice quality, this eyeliner is unbeatable. Perfect for beginner and since it has matte finish, we can use this everyday without looking too much. Personally, I do recommend this eyeliner for you who want to try Korean liquid eyeliners with cheap price.

+ Affordable
+ Great staying power
+ Waterproof
+ Pigmented
- Cheap quality bottle

you may...
If you want to try Korean liquid eyeliners with cheap price.
If you have a tendency for accidentally drop your makeup products.


What's your favorite liquid eyeliner?



  1. Untuk saat ini, eyeliner cair baru maybellin yg kita coba..

    Jadi penasaran dengan eyeliner ini..


    Heii hader blog mu kereen..

    1. ayo cobaaa :3
      aah iyakahh?? makasiih <3

  2. Nice review, kayaknya bagus juga ya nih .. ^^

    I just followed you, follow me back please ^^

    1. hi, sorry for late reply :)
      iyaa worth to try ^^
      thank you dear, I def follow you back, you have a verrry nice blog! :D


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